Roger Ruiz is a software engineer.


Below is a collection of essays I've written. Expect some posts to contradict or at least acknowledge previous posts as I learn new things and grow as an engineer. If there's any broken links or something doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll work on updating it. Thanks for reading.

Coding interviews

November 24, 2023

Interviewing for software engineers is a complicated topic. Here's my observations with over a decade of experience interviewing on both sides for various engineering organizations.

Revisting lolcommits in macOS Sonoma

September 28, 2023

I upgraded to macOS Sonoma recently and it brought my career-long lolcommits setup to a halt! Thankfully troubleshooting and Zsh came to the rescue. But while I solved the issue I was having, I did start to question whether I should keep using this tool while Apple fixed their CLI tools.

Serve Hugo sites on your local network

March 4, 2023

When doing local web development, it's useful to have multiple devices to view your site. This is especially true with mobile-first design & starting a Hugo project from scratch. This neat feature of Hugo will help you do this reliably across development environments.

Apple Interface Style & TUI

November 23, 2022

macOS-based Night mode supported scripting to update various confiugrations across different development environment tools including, Alacritty, Tmux, Neovim, Starship, and Bat.

Using the new Gandi provider

November 21, 2022

Manage your Gandi DNS records via Terraform with open source tools and free commercial products. Also, setup your repository for better documentation writing with Vale.

Switching to Neovim & Lua

March 16, 2022

I've been using Vim for 8 years and found that it was finally time to migrate my development environment over to Neovim. This meant learning about Lua and writing Lua configuration files for Neovim. My journey was cathartic and took less than a week.

Check for changes on git pull

October 1, 2021

As projects grow, there are dependencies that fall outside of the project's dependency graph. This means that there are some actions you need to perform on your code base when things change. Using the post-merge git-hook can help automate this for your team.

Clean Git house

April 29, 2021

Learn how to delete your local Git branches with a full breakdown of how to do it from manual to fully automated step-by-step.

Iterating again and again

April 27, 2021

Let's iterate across files using ls and grep to copy or move files from a parent directory into a bunch of sibling directories related to the file. We can do this in an automated way using the commands mentioned above.

Smooth terminal

June 22, 2017

This is a review of the decisions that went into my Prompt String 1 while also discussing some customized fonts using NerdFonts and iTerm2.

Setting up lolcommits

May 28, 2016

Setting up lolcommits for local selfies from Git commits you make on your machine using your camera. This is geared at Mac OS X users.

Humanizing computer work

May 13, 2016

A short essay about humanizing computer work after going fully-remote in 2015 and sharing my work-life online using social media.