tl;dr: CI, CD, DevOps, Documentation, Research, HTML, CSS, JS

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The USWDS is a design system for the federal government. It was made to help developers within the U.S. government design and build fast, accessible, mobile-friendly government websites backed by user research.

I started on this project during its pre-1.0 phase. During my time on this project, I worked on the continuous integration and delivery of the software. I helped in the release of the framework, in the documentation, and evangelizing of the design system among my federal government peers.

Being a part of an agile team also allowed me to contribute to the user-research portion of the project. I regularly participated in user interviews & synthesizing it into actionable stories that me and my fellow engineers and designers could implement.

Because the USWDS is also open-source software, I was regularly answering and reviewing user contributions from outside of our team. With over 4k stargazers on GitHub, the project regularly gets a lot of traffic from folks needing help or contributing to the project.

Here’s all of the work open-sourced on GitHub.