tl;dr: CI, CD, Release Management, DevOps, Security, ATO/SO, Python, CSS, JS

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For most of my time at 18F I worked on Tock and eventually became the official System Owner for the Authority to Operate (ATO) on the project. Being a System Owner means that I handle the responsibility of the whole stack of the application. This means working closely with auditors and contributors to ensure that the application is meeting all the necessary compliance and security controls.

Documentation has been a large focus of this effort. I had to work with various team members in order to either write documentation to cover features or sometimes make the decision to remove features in order to keep the compliance level for the application at it’s appropriate levels. My time on has been very helpful because a lot of the compliance controls were things that I helped manage and build on top of the PaaS that Tock was deployed on.

Also, since this was work I did while I was in public sector, all of the work is open-sourced on GitHub.