tl;dr: HTML, CSS, JS, RequireJS

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In 2011, JetBlue made Rokkan Agency of Record (AOR). As the AOR, we had to redesign their main website. Since then, I’ve worked both as a part of a team and as project lead in the development of the booking engine, TrueBlue redesign, and the recently launched TrueBlue Family Pooling point-sharing program.

This project had me cut my teeth on a lot of new techniques. Over the course of 1.5 years and 795 commits, I’ve learn a lot about working with off-shore teams, jQuery UI, Compass project integration, and RequireJS.

This was one of my first projects as a newly hired junior developer at Rokkan. I owe a lot to the technical director at the time, Andrew. He was a really great mentor and everything I learned have lead me to learn more and more about web development and writing software for people with people.