Roger Steve Ruiz is a software engineer.

Writing about Programming.

Programming is all about turning plain text into a running application. A lot of programming languages follow similar conventions which is why it’s important to know when to use a particular language.

You can find concepts to writing in programming languages here.

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devex programming
20 Feb 2024 15 min read

Data classes in Python

Using Data Classes in Python is a super convenient way to represent data & properties assigned to a class. It saves you from having to implement your own special methods like __init__ & makes managing the class a breeze when requirements change for how the underlying data is represented.

automation devex mac nix programming
19 Jan 2024 11 min read

Using launchd to keep up appearances

I’ve covered how to automate appearances in macOS before using the Defaults CLI to check for values in the user defaults system. While this works well, I’ll show you how you can use launchd to automate things while using Nix Darwin to manage the functionality without having to write any XML.

management programming
24 Nov 2023 11 min read

Coding interviews

Interviewing for software engineers is a complicated topic. Here’s my observations with over a decade of experience interviewing on both sides for various engineering organizations.

learning programming
16 Mar 2022 4 min read

Switching to Neovim & Lua

I’ve been using Vim for 8 years and found that it was finally time to migrate my development environment over to Neovim. This meant learning about Lua and writing Lua configuration files for Neovim. My journey was cathartic and took less than a week.