Roger Steve Ruiz is a software engineer.

Staff software engineer (IV)

at TrussWorks from Jun 2021 Sep 2023

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IAT II & IASAE II certified contractor for the Department of Defense for MilMove while collaborating across a multi-disciplinary consultancy to help it grow in vision & size.

Performed at a staff-level individual contributor across multiple projects at TrussWorks including a DoD project and various internal projects such as documenting the engineering experience at the company along with its popular open-source project named React-USWDS.

As a full-stack engineer, I contributed to the architecture, technical design, and implementation of various client-side and server-side solutions. I also contributed to some infrastructure and security work as well on AWS GovCloud and integrations with 3rd-party vendors and adjacent DoD internal agencies.

I was CASP+ certified within the first 6 weeks of joining the company so I could achieve my IAT II and IASAE II certifications to be able to review code changes across the multiple private and public repositories. This work can be found under the Transcom organization on GitHub and my work for Truss can be found under the TrussWorks organization on GitHub.