Roger Steve Ruiz is a software engineer.

Innovation specialist

at General Services Administration from Nov 2015 Mar 2019

General Services Administration's Company logo

Full-stack software engineer maintaining various open-source software projects such as, US Web Design System, and more.


At the General Services Administration (GSA), I worked as a GS 15 federal employee with a specialization in automation and tooling along with web application development. My time working on GSA projects included taking assessments of software solutions that were abandoned at other federal agencies. I also contributed to the engineering culture and practice by conducting workshops, presentations, and writing documentation to help guide and steer the engineering teams across 18F.

One of my proudest contributions here was guiding our customized Python web application called Tock, which was used by the agency for time-keeping, through the Authority to Operate (ATO) process in roughly 8 weeks.

While working here, I split my time across and GSA / TTS / 18F activities.