Roger Steve Ruiz is a software engineer.

Senior software engineer

at Condé Nast from Nov 2013 Feb 2015

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Senior engineer & leader in Ember.js framework, driving high-traffic application launch. Expertise in architecture, tooling, & team empowerment.

As a senior engineer & leader, I spearheaded the launch of The Scene, a high-traffic application developed using the Ember.js framework. Leading a team, I faced the challenge of architecting a seamless integration of Ember.js with a legacy Ruby on Rails back-end to ensure optimal performance & user experience.

My primary task was to architect & lead the development of The Scene, aligning technological choices with business goals. I focused on improving team efficiency & developer experience by implementing robust tooling & documentation practices.

To address these challenges, I led the architecture design of the Ember.js application, leveraging my expertise to ensure scalability, performance, & maintainability. Simultaneously, I built tooling to automate the update process of internal libraries, enhancing the developer experience & accelerating team velocity.

Also, I documented detailed changelogs to facilitate smooth quarterly upgrades, enabling seamless transitions & minimizing disruptions. Additionally, I created customizable Vagrant boxes to streamline the setup of development environments for team members, further enhancing productivity & collaboration.

Through my leadership & technical expertise, we successfully launched The Scene, delivering a high-traffic application that met business objectives & user expectations. By architecting robust solutions, implementing efficient tooling, & documenting processes, I fostered a culture of innovation & collaboration within the team, ultimately driving success & achieving our goals.