Roger Steve Ruiz is a software engineer.

Site reliability engineer

at from Mar 2016 Mar 2019's Company logo

Built, maintained, & operated a PaaS for the federal government using Cloud Foundry

At, I worked as a site reliability engineer with a focus on integrations and tooling. I conducted on-call rotations, incident responses, and application development to help build, maintain, and operate the PaaS on AWS commercial and GovCloud. While was being built, we had to also take into account FedRamp JAB authorization and compliance in order to support FISMA Low and FISMA Moderate systems running on the platform.

While working here, I was also an engineering manager for a team of 5 to 8 engineers to ease the burden of other engineering managers who were unfamiliar with the technology we were using. I was involved in hiring for this team as well and would delegate different aspects of the interview process in a balanced way across the team depending on the necessary knowledge.

I also conducted workshops and presentations for the upcoming features around to gain broader adoption across US federal agencies.