Roger Steve Ruiz is a software engineer


Here's a great place to learn more about my work.

I’ve worked at a number of places in a number of roles. Finding the right opportunity can be difficult. I work best on small to medium teams at medium to large companies. I’m open to any opportunity really. Feel free to reach out through social media and checkout my resume for something more portable document format.

πŸ“„ Download my latest resume from here

I encourage you to read through all the different jobs I’ve had to get the best picture.

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Engineer IV

Jun 2021 β€” Present
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Senior software engineer

Mar 2019 β€” Apr 2021
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Site reliability engineer

Mar 2016 β€” Mar 2019
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Innovation Specialist

Nov 2015 β€” Mar 2019
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Alexander Interactive

Engineering consultant

Jul 2015 β€” Sep 2015
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CO+LAB Multimedia

Software engineer

Feb 2015 β€” Aug 2015
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CondΓ© Nast

Senior software engineer

Nov 2014 β€” Feb 2015
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Senior technologist

Jun 2012 β€” Nov 2014