Roger Steve Ruiz is a software engineer.


I’m Roger Steve Ruiz. I am a software engineer specializing in infrastructure, compliance, security, & web application development.

I’m so glad you’re here. This website is where I publish my technical writing along with a deeper overview of my experience that I can’t fit into my resume.

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Oh, hi! Thanks for opening this. I wanted to highlight the variety of styles & techniques that I use in my technical writing to make things easier to read.

An example is the heavy use of <details /> HTML elements to allow readers to dive deeper into certain topics. There’s also the use of BeOS-style labels on multi-line <code /> blocks which help readers understand what the code is doing or what file is being discussed. There’s also the backticks present on inline code blocks as well.

I use underlines to strongly emphasize certain text but italics if it’s lightly emphasized.

Also since I’m using the Catppuccin theme for the website, you can expect that links are colored blue if you can click them.

Lastly, the colorful tags on the Writing pages will allow you to further filter things into specific topics.

Also, this site is bilingual, like me. You can find a translation to Spanish on the upper-right corner or the bottom of the page, if it’s available. If it’s not, then reach out to me so I know there’s interest in it. For the most part, I try to translate everything between the two languages to help spread my reach across folks interested in my writing across north and south America